Our Services


The Oren Group provides economic development services to the following segments:


  • US states seeking Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and trade promotion in the Israeli market

  • International companies seeking to do business in Israel

  • Israeli companies seeing to commercialize their solutions in the US , and European markets

We create value for our clients in several ways:


  • Marketing and strategy development consulting services

  • Marketing performance evaluation – we assess key differentiation bases and develop marketing strategies to boost market position and sales in the local and US market

  • Market opportunity assessment – understand markets needs, buying criteria, and identify the highest value market segments.

  • Competitive analysis – we assess competitive landscape and analyze competitors to develop a compelling value proposition

  • Economic development – we develop wining programs and campaigns to boost sales and enhance market position

  • Branding – we develop an optimal branding strategy and assist in its execution via sales development, public relations, digital and social media, etc.Local and US economic development

The Oren Group helps its clients optimize international go-to-market strategies and implementation. Its extensive experience with similar projects and its deep C-level industry contacts network in Israel, Europe, and North America provide rapid achievement of business goals.



The Oren Group enables clients to accelerate market entry process by providing insight and connections that otherwise could require spending substantially more time.  Specifically, the Oren Group helps with the following:



  • Direct Sales – we recruit end customers in the North American and European markets

  • Channel building – we recruit distributors, value-added resellers, and system integrators

  • Channel management – we help in managing channel members to achieve target sales

  • Fundraising – we help recruit of private and institutional investors



Our Value Proposition



The Oren Group offers economic development services that are:

  • Results-driven

  • Accountable

  • Innovative

  • Transparent

  • Industry-connected


To learn more or discuss a project, please drop us a line:




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