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The Oren Group introduced Diagnostic Robotics Covid 19 ‘Self Checker’ tool to the State of Rhode Island.


RI launches online COVID-19 ‘self-checker’ tool

The Oren Group served as the Authorized Commercial Representative in Israel for the State of Connecticut between 2015 and 2019.

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The Day :State seeking ties with Israel through new business outreach



The Oren Group was responsible for developing interest among targeted Israeli companies to commercialize their technologies in Connecticut and provides Matchmaking efforts focused on Biotechnology, medical devices, advanced manufacturing, medical devices, enterprise software and finnTech.

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US states represented in Israel: Smart move

A recent article in the business pages of The Jerusalem Post highlighted the fact that Connecticut has engaged the services of Chaim Oren of the Oren Group to represent the state’s export promotion and foreign direct investment interests in Israel. While the fact that Connecticut has made this commitment is newsworthy, readers need to know that this is simply the latest step in a 24-year history of US state-sponsored activity in Israel.




The Oren Group founder, Chaim Oren presented on innovative Israeli startups at the 3rd Annual Connecticut-Israel Summit in Hartford, CT

Presentation at the 3rd Israel Technology Summit at Hartford


The Oren Group founder, Chaim Oren presented on how to leverage B2B social networking with standards at the SES International conference “Challenges of the Futurein Seattle.

Presentation at the IFAN Conference in Seattle



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David Schatzky -President of Jupiter Research interview to Globes.


מה שחסר לנוקיה, אם משווים אותה לאפל, זה היכולת לעשות אינטגרציה” שקופה לגמרי בין התוכנה לחומרה. אפל מאז ומעולם באה מהכיוון הזה, בעוד שנוקיה חזקה בייצור מכשירים ויש לה רקורד פחות טוב בתחום התוכנה למכשירים”. כך אמר בראיון ל”גלובס” נשיא חברת הייעוץ והמחקר ג’ופיטר, דיויד שאיצקי, בהתייחסו לחזית החדשה שנפתחה ליצרניות הסלולר. הוא אמר את הדברים במסגרת ביקור בישראל בוועידת VON, שבמהלכה נפגש עם מנהלי חברת ההשקעות אלרון מקבוצת אי.די.בי.





David Schatzky- President of Jupiter Research, digital media Guru Jeff Puller and the Oren Group Founder at VON conference in Tel Aviv


Communications Expert Jeff Pulver and Jupiter Research President David Schatzky



Visiting the Boeing factory in Seattle

Shaking hands with Astronaut Alan Bean of Apollo 12

The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

Michael Gartenberg  a leading Jupiter Research digital analyst  visit to Israel


Michael Gartenberg 88 22 (photo credit: Courtesy)


Following the record attendance level of Israeli companies at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress this month, consumer technologies expert Michael Gartenberg, Vice President and Research Director of US-based Jupiter Research, will arrive in Israel next week to outline his vision of what the future holds for hi-tech devices in the home. Jupiter specializes in analyzing and forecasting market trends in the Internet and cellular sectors, and has maintained a branch in Israel for two years, headed by Chaim Oren. During his visit to Israel, Gartenberg will address Israel’s largest cellphone providers at a conference at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, where he will discuss future directions in the cellular sector. He will also speak to the Israel Export Institute.



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Thomas Husson Jupiter Research leading mobile marketing analyst interview to Globes


Articles by Thomas Husson | Forrester Research Journalist | Muck Rack


תכניסו את זה טוב לאוזניים”

תומאס יוסון, אנליסט התקשורת הניידת של חברת ג’ופיטר ריסרץ’, המבקר בישראל, רחוק מלצייר תמונה ורודה לגבי עתיד התחום * הוא חושב שצריך לחנך את הציבור לרכוש מוזיקה בסלולר ומתקשה לראות את הפרסום בסלולרי “לא יתפוס גם בישראל




The Oren Group founder, Chaim Oren was promoted to Global Chief Marketing Officer of Copenhagen based TBK Consult.

As of January 1, 2012 TBK Consult had 40 partners in 21 countries serving clients in the software industry such as

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, UK, France, Italy, Span, Israel, USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and India.


The Oren Group held a seminar on “Succeeding in Digital Italy” hosted by the Israeli Association of Electronic and Software Industries with the participation of  Ms. Marina Scognamiglio – Trade Commissioner – Italian Trade Commission in Tel-Aviv and Stephan Boccaletti – the Science attaché at the Italian Embassy.





Stephan Boccaletti – the Science attaché at the Italian Embassy presenting on Digital Italy

Italian Commercial attaché at Tel Aviv Embassy with Stephan Boccaletti – Science Attache of the Italian Embassy.


The Oren Group held a market seminar on “Succeeding in Digital Britain” hosted by the Israeli Association of Electronic and Software Industries with the participation of Mr. Richard Salt- Director, UK  Trade and Investment, at the British Embassy, Tel Aviv


Mr. Richard Salt- Director, UK  Trade and Investment, at the British Embassy, Tel Aviv

The Oren Group founder, Chaim Oren, presented on  “Connecting standard users by using internet tools” at the IFAN International Conference in San Francisco,  in October 2007.





Slide share presentation


The Oren Group founder participated in an international commercial mission to Beijing China in March 2006

Visiting Yanjing beer plant in Beijing

The conference hall at Beijing,

Touring Yanjing beer plant

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